Olympic Sculpture Park (Seattle, WA)

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After our second trip to the post office, we finally got Baby R her package in the mail and Auntie P’s noodle card delivered.  And then the boys wanted to go to Fred Meyer.  They love the big drivable cars. But because it was glorious outside and we only have so many of these spectacular sunny days in winter in Seattle, I convinced them to go to the “Choo Choo park”, known by most in Seattle as the Olympic Sculpture Park.
I’m so glad we went today because we met some great people.  There was a school group there from Ross Lake and the students hung out with my kids and drew at the art station with them.

Bean loves the Ikea toys  and lilypads at the art station.  He was fascinated with one toy in particular for at least 10 minutes!

And Leelee made friends with a lady who showed us an interactive art display at the Olympic Sculputre Park.  I loved this installation because it teaches the toddlers to re-use and in such a beautiful way.  Next time we’ll bring all those blue and red milk lids that we have at home and keep throwing away.

Even on a sunny day, these rain drops are welcome.  We went outside, looked for trains from the path and then drove home for lunch.  But not without finding out that the gift shop girl is also a twin too. What a friendly day!

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