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December 8, 2010 by admin

and my husband makes my silly purchases work.  I bought this awesome advent calendar from Pottery Barn Kids that I’m going to forever pretend that I made, but didn’t think about what to do about counting down the days.  Baby Daddy helped me find these:at a really cool kitchen store on Robson Street in Vancouver.  (Anyone out there know the name? It’s down on the end near Hons and it has totally cool kitchen gadgets and cute cards) We bought 25 birds to mark each day that passes and they clip on to the numbers really nicely.  So voila!  Even though I forgot to get the kids treats to put inside the numbers this year, we have a neat way of counting to the 25th!  I knew I married a smart man:)


  1. Allie says:

    Chocolate Mousse!! Love that store for everything from kitchen gadgets to last-minute gifts.

  2. […] not ready to clear out my Thanksgiving decorations yet, I’m also really excited to hang up last year’s calendar too.  I have an unopened bag of felt that I thought I would use to make little ornaments to take out […]

  3. […] are all the days going?  I decided late last night that I do want to make ornaments for the boys’ advent calendar and so now I’m guaranteed to have at least two homemade felt ornaments for them to find.  (I […]

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