Goodnight 2010

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*Oh no! I thought I posted this last night.  Anyways, here is the last of 2010.  Happy New Year everyone!

The children are nestled all snug in their beds but they’re babbling about “Happy New Year” and the fireworks and I’m hoping they pass out soon.  We will wake them up to peek at the fireworks outside and bang pots and pans but for now it would be nice if they’d maybe get a bit of sleep in first. (I know it’s my fault entirely-they had way too much sugar today because the ‘0’ in 2010 made me think of donuts and I took them to Top Pot today to symbolically send the year out.)

Some highlights of this year:

1)This year was an entire bubble-free year.  No more worries about trying not to catch colds. No more worries about Purelling fifty times a day.  Well, maybe just not as much.  Some things are hard to give up.

2)The epic Canada/USA hockey game in Vancouver for the Olympics.  Yes, my guys watched this and then wore their jerseys proudly to a local park to brag.  They were boo’d deservedly, but it was oh so worth it.  Another side effect of watching this game was that my guys learned the Canadian National Anthem and it has become their theme song. One day I will play it for you, but I will not force this on you now.  Instead, here’s the Bean rolling around while we watched the game-at that time who would have thought it would have impacted them so much. 3) Elmo at their Two year party.  Tonight as we played with playdough we made a fake cake and sang “happy birthday” and Lee Lee says…”Dad get chair for Elmo and Elmo came to party.” Yes, he did.  And that was months ago.  But oh so worth it once again.

4) The Chilean miners. The last miner out happened around bedtime and we turned on the tv to watch the news.  Anytime we see anything come out of a hole anywhere-a spider crawling out of a gnarl in a tree, a boy emerging with his uncle from a slide-it’s the man coming out of the hole.  Not only did you inspire the world with your amazing survival story, you made an impact on my two year olds, permanently I think.

5) The spider in the pantry.  He crawled out in January, and they still talk about him.  Does he live in the pantry? Umm…maybe, he’s probably just hiding there indefinitely .  The dustpan that got him later will probably beg to differ.

6) People with no homes. We pass them as we drive around the city and my guys worry about them a lot. They have no beds and no toys. And, because toddlers have a way of opening up grown ups eyes too, they’ve become a worry of mine. This is definitely something we have to work on in the New Year.

Happy New Years to friends and family and people we will meet next year!  Here’s to 2011 and may it be as fantastic as 2010.

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