Happy New Year

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Every year since I can remember my Jichan makes mochi for New Years Day and I’ve loved it since I was a little girl.  We eat it with sugar and soy sauce, but my absolute favorites are the ones with anko-a type of red bean paste-inside.  This year, my guys finally got their first taste: their verdit = yum! I’m so glad that I get to share these traditions with them and hopefully one day they’ll make this with Jichan too.






We spent a quiet January first at the Olympic Sculpture Park where two little boys experienced the park in different ways.  One preferred to sit quietly and model.

The other made quite a scene. We will call this picture unhappy shark out of water. (Ya ya ya)





After we were done with that, we had a nice time skipping stones at the beach and declared it an overall nice way to start the New Year.


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