Cinnamon Monkey Bread

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Last week we were dying to bake something. It was rainy and miserable outside and I heard somewhere that you could make monkey bread with pizza dough so I googled and got this recipe from

2 – 1 lb Packages refrigerated pizza dough
1 tbsp Cinnamon
1 cup Sugar
8 tbsp Butter, melted plus more for the pan

After I figured out that all you need to do is get the dough into little balls, roll in butter and sugar/cinnamon mixture and put in a bundt pan-my mind was made up-easy peasy right?
Well, I only had one pizza dough package, and two crazy two year olds, so I adapted the recipe a little.  Where it says prep time under 15 minutes multiply that by at least 2 and factor in an hour for clean-up if you don’t watch the cinnamon and sugar shaking.

Here’s what we did:

First we put a bunch of cinnamon and sugar trying to keep the ratio more sugar than cinnamon in ziplock bags.


Then we pulled the dough into little balls, rolled them in a butter mixture with tongs and shook them in our ziplock bags.  I only got a few pictures after this, because my hands got buttery and the sugar was becoming quite a disaster.

I don’t own a bundt pan, so we put all the sugar balls in a casserole dish, and baked it for the required time. I wasn’t sure what to do for just half the amount of dough, so I think I might have overdone this a little.

When it was all done and cool enough to pull apart, we sat down to enjoy our feast of Monkey Bread.  It was a little crusty on top because we didn’t add as much butter as we were supposed to, but there were no complaints from the guys.   Cinnamon Monkey Bread was pretty yummy AND so easy we don’t really need to look back at the recipe when we try making it again-so we WILL be making this again.  Definitely.

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  1. I love posts like these!! So many cute pictures, and instructional too. Cooking with wee ones is such a valuable exercise 🙂 Keep ’em coming!

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