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I am looking for input on our new playroom plan.  We need storage.  Lots of it.

Idea #1

This is what I originally wanted from Ikea. Imagine it in the birch color of the second picture. I love the fact the kids get a little reading nook and we were going to add another of the little benches as a mini desk.

The only problem is that it comes from Ikea which can be a huge “yay I’m so in love with Ikea today” shopping day or a huge miss and its a little far from our house to be dealing with hit or miss with the boys.  Which means that when we went there this past weekend to get the whole system and came back with 3/4 of what we wanted because the stock that was marked in was not there it was a terrible miss.  This means that as we were looking for pieces in a haystack with a staff member who insisted the stock was somewhere in a gaping hole, my two guys had a mini-meltdown and us parents nearly did as well.  So when we got to the checkout and the cashier tsk-ed my husband and told him he would have saved a ton more if he had only eaten lunch first because it was get your meal free with purchase and we had neglected to do so first it didn’t make him feel giddy about his purchase.  Which means that when we came home with a unit without doors because there were only blue doors and there were no shelves at all anywhere he said I could get the Pottery Barn Unit that I had showed him a month ago.  (And we paid for lunch.)

Idea #2

After realizing that it might take a zillion trips to Ikea to get all the pieces we need, we thought maybe we need a playroom storage unit that might be able to last a little longer-maybe living a future life in our future rec room one day-hence my hubby’s head nod to my original “Hey we should do this for the boys playroom idea.”  We would get it without the chalkboard drawers but I still love the bench unit in the Ikea system.  But maybe this system would come home somewhat built.(Hubby says no, it would most definitely not come built….oops)

Idea #3

So now we’re at our third option and it’s from Land of Nod.  I’m thinking this one in a dark wood?  I like it but I don’t love it. And I’m not creative enough to make it work.










So now I’d love to know if there’s anything else out there and what we should do. We need to make a large mountain of toys disappear in a small space that toddlers might play in somewhat unsupervised. Help!

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  1. Just in case you were wondering, after a two trips to get the pieces for Idea #1 we scrapped that idea and went with Idea #2 and it’s working amazingly well. It doesn’t have the bench that I wanted, but the guys like to perch on the edge, so it works well for reading.

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