A day of making…

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SNOT.  We had runny noses all day today.  It was sad because we were looking forward to hanging out with friends, but it wasn’t one of those miserably sick kind of days, so we made the most of it.

We started the day with a glorious sunrise and a play doh picnic in the kitchen.









Then we transferred all the little people from bus to airplane.  Where were they going?  Hawaii of course!




Our next mission was to build a small slide for our animal friends.  Please ignore the wastepile in the background scenery…today was not a day for picking up much.

And we capped the day off with some train set reconstruction after we had a minor derailment (aka temper tantrum and destruction of entire railway in the afternoon) before we went to bed.

I love that although we didn’t get much done today (we ran around on the deck outside, but didn’t go to any parks, zoos, etc.) we had such a great time with each other.  And watching the guys today working and playing together made me so excited for what great friends they are going to be as they grow up!

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