When days get cold

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When it’s chilly outside I think of travel and getting away from it all and two places on my mind right now are New York and San Diego.  Yes, on opposite sides of the country(one where it’s totally freezing!) and not at all practical to accurately compare, but hey, I never promised to be rational.
I found this and it made me want to bring the kids to New York ASAP.  It is such a cool space and full of animals too-I hope it looks like that in real life.  And if I go to New York, then maybe I can get finally drag the family to Serendipity 3 which I’ve been dreaming about ever since I saw it in some cheesy rom-com ages ago.  One can dream, right?

My last big city trip was London when I was 3 months pregnant: here I am with my dear friend S at the best play ever when she was living abroad!  It’s been too long.  The twins would love riding those big red buses all over NYC right?  We must go!

San Diego is on my wish list too because you can now camp at their Safari Park (formerly the Wild Animal Park) and it looks amazing…wouldn’t that be the best place to do toddler’s first camping adventure???  It’s also a little bit more justifiable because it seems way more kid-friendly, has a shorter plane ride and maybe could include a trip up a little north to go here.  I saw it in an US Weekly issue at the gym, and I can’t help that I have a thing for all things celebrity.  Maybe I need to spin the globe and see where we’ll end up….

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