How to Babyproof a hotel room (Kaanapali, Maui)

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How to Babyproof a hotel room

I could also have called this post “Slice of Heaven at the Mahana”, as it was this hotel that proved to us that we could travel with babies when we went there in 2009(beachfront, suite-style hotel rooms, in room laundry, and kitchen with dishwasher), but when we got there this trip was definitely more a lesson in how to babyproof.  When we arrived at our immaculate hotel room with two crazy crawling babies and the double stroller we ordered from a babystuff rental service had not arrived, we realized we needed a little more than just the double stroller because the 9 month olds were climbing everywhere.  We immediately ordered toys, an exersaucer, a beach tent and a humongous gate/cage so we would not have to spend the twins every waking minute chasing them around.  This was a perfect hotel for parents of babies who sleep a lot during the day-there was a floor to ceiling window and a beachfront lanai where even if we were stuck in our hotel while the kids slept we were so close to the ocean that there was no question that we were not on vacation.  The beach in front of the hotel was so quiet that we could just lay the kids out in the shade for nap and we could alternate snorkeling in the beautiful water.  I would go back in a heartbeat-this was an amazing vacation.

(Since then we’ve paired down our babyproofing but still bring zipstraps, cabinet locks and outlet covers in a travel kit when we go to hotels.  I’ve heard a lot of people ask: Should I travel with my baby?

Yes.  Yes. Yes!!)

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