Looks fun, but really?

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Surfing on babyage.com today I saw this toy:

and it reminds me of a commercial version of a child’s idea of riding in a cardboard box down the stairs.  Generally, I’m all for toys without batteries and noises, but this one makes it on my please don’t buy my boys this one list for it’s sheer ridiculousness.  Yes, it’s probably fun, and the boys would probably have a blast but used in the wrong place and without a helmet and without supervision it looks like a trip to the hospital.  I’d rather they ride this similar toy at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue-notice the FLAT surface that it rolls on. (It also is a steal at only 25 cents a ride!) 

*It’s probably here that I should remind you that I’m a hypochondriac mother who still cringes in fear when her sons go down the big slide at the playground…..

3 thoughts on “Looks fun, but really?

  1. don’t knock it!!! there’s a similar one of these at the north kirkland community center and the kids LOVE it! it actually is really cool and lots of fun. you should come and try it out some time!

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