Why do toddlers have…

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Yes, that is what my Leelee wanted to know last night before bed.

“What do nipples do, mommy?”

“Um, they are like noses.  They don’t do anything.”  (Really, would your response be any better?)

I could see the wheels turning for a minute then:

“No nipples don’t talk.  They don’t eat.  That’s funny. ”

And that was it.

Maybe this is payback for this book we bought for everyone in our family a few years back.  We thought it was hilarious then, and I better dust it off and start studying it again for some witty answers to questions I’m going to have to answer in the next little while:

And maybe I could have given a copy to the lady I met the other day in the grocery store, who asked a zillion times why I had one blonde kid and one black-haired one.  There has to be some explanation in this book for how it’s totally possible.  After her blatant disbelief to our usual genetic theory, I had to admit to her I was blonde as a child. (Sorry Dad, I borrowed your story, but I think it calmed her nerves.  Next time I’ll be prepared with a better genealogical chart of both family sides.)

Anyways, here are some pics with the boys and their new undies.  We are still currently semi-potty training.  It is not fun.  They think it is hilarious:

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