Pancake Toppings Buffet at Portage Bay Cafe (South Lake Union, Seattle)

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Apparently it was pancake week this week and while we’ve been enjoying lots of pancakes at home lately (thank you Snoqualmie Pancake Mix) I think we owe the guys’ flapjack love to the Portage Bay Cafe.  Our current favorite is the “Dave’s Way” pancake that comes with one egg any style and a trip to the toppings bar.  The toppings bar is like a sundae bar but for pancakes: fruit, syrup and whip cream in heaping bowls ready for you to dress your own plate.  We would eat here daily if we actually had time to exercise!  Our first trips with the guys were amazing when the bucket seats rested below the table the whole time.  Now, this is among the guys’ favorite restaurants and when followed by a trip to the zoo, a perfect morning. The South Lake Union location is especially popular with toddlers!  Here we are in the early days:

When the duo first came here we used to dine in a special corner table with their bucket seats below and out of sight.  Like most places, the best time with kids is always right when it opens because the restaurant is empty and not too crowded and it’s easy to be first in line for the pancake toppings this way too.

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  1. i miss this place so much! yum!!! (and it was the first restaurant we ever took our twinnies to- in buckets just weeks old!)

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