Eltana Bagels and an apology (Seattle, WA)

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Dear Eltana Bagels,
We came in for the first time today and my guys were a little bit wild (maybe the smell of baking bagels is intoxicating?).  We peeked at the people making bagels behind the counter and at the big hot oven where you bake them and the boys thought this was so cool.  I even snapped a picture quickly because they seemed so entranced by the bagels in your case.  The hanging o’s looked so delicious with all the toppings and when we got our toasty delights in a bag to go, my guys held them tightly and proudly as they walked to the car.  Then they smeared themselves silly with the cream cheese.  Yes, those bagels were amazingly good. And now they are napping soundly and I was looking through our pictures and when I looked closely I realized this picture wasn’t the cute picture I thought it was going to be.

A tongue.  Licking the front of your glass case. I really hope it didn’t actually touch.  Your bagels really are too tempting, but I am sorry for not catching this.

Sincerely, this embarrassed momma who will definitely be back but maybe in disguise next time.

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