Gardening with the duo

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My neighbors are probably happy that I’ve finally had the urge to get outside and garden a little.  I took the boys to a local plant store to pick out flowers that we could put outside.  After filling our cart with dozens of plants, I put some back and they ended up with tulips, irises and some pansies.  We also ordered some primroses on Amazonfresh(these were beautiful quality by the way!). The guys were really good about listening and dug little holes and helped put the flowers in-and I was shocked at how quickly the hour of planting went by.

Here is some of what our finished project looks like. (And I honestly don’t know why there’s a giant rock in there-I swear the garden looks better in real life!)

Next we’re thinking of vegetables.  Anyone know some easy to plant/hard to kill vegetables we can plant this year?







4 thoughts on “Gardening with the duo

  1. Oh! I know the answer to this one!

    My kids love planting radishes, carrots, peas, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. The radishes are super quick growing, so you have almost instant gratification. All the rest are so easy to pick and eat that you’ll find your kids out in the yard snacking away.

    Total win.

    Sorry…posts like this get me giddy with excitment.

  2. We did tomatoes and grean beans as starter veggies with our boys. Now we do peppers, tomatoes, grean beans, lettuce, onions, zuchinni, and a few herbs. We also did raspberries last year and they turned out well. Good luck!

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