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We rode the monorail the other night but the Seattle Children’s Museum was closed, so I promised the boys we’d come back and hang out on their favorite bus station today.  What lucky timing!  The museum was expecting their 5 millionth visitor and while we weren’t the lucky number 5 million we enjoyed a fantastic party an hour later when the special guest arrived. I love how hard Leelee is concentrating on his cupcake in this pic.

Prior to sitting down and tucking into these delights, we tore up the place.  I had to remind the guys not to run off as we went from station to station.  Here we are calculating the bill at the taco shop,










sailing and checking the news,

trying to fill a soda glass,

and painting.

Lots of painting.











And since painting seems to be the art form du jour in our house, I am looking into these adorable table top mats by a local company called Luke and Loolu:

They are cute and functional and I think they’d work for playdough too. ( Did you notice there were no bus pictures above?  The ones I got were too blurry and I kept having to dash off to get one kid out of the taco shop or the grocery store. The Children’s Museum is one of my favorite forms of the non-workout workout.)

When we finished up at the museum we stopped by the Science Center to say hello to a new giant friend,

and had a snack by the fountain and called it a pretty wonderful Seattle day.

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