King Frog


March 27, 2011 by admin

Don’t be fooled by how cute this guy looks-he is quite the disciplinarian and  this guy rules our house:

I remember using timers in my classroom when I used to teach (and bells and horns and sometimes  flares) and I heard from many double mommas before me how timers work for teaching kids to share and take turns.  So I decided to get one with a crown.  King Frog rings when we have trouble sharing toys, or when I want my guys to eat lunch and they want five minutes more playing time.  He adds one more person in the room and makes the teams even strength-me and him against THEM.  Sometimes he’s someone I can pin the blame on-King Frog rang so you have to obey.  So far he’s probably about 95% successful, but for under 12 bucks and for the amount of fighting he’s spared, I’m really glad to have him in our home.


  1. […] the guys would argue over who’s turn it was to squish the ice cream out.  That’s where King Frog the timer helped me out a lot and we got back to sharing- they really need to include a timer in the […]

  2. […] want 8 more minutes!” they yell at me if they are playing with their Legos and I have to set King Frog for whatever amount of minutes I feel like. But that will only fool them for so long.  We are […]

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