Fountain of Youth?

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Today, after an eye exam I got to/had to schedule a little me time-I needed a couple hours downtown before it was safe for me to drive home.  So with dilated pupils that made me look like I had a Monday hangover, I went to Julep for a facial and manicure (they were fantastic by the way) and it was there I got my biggest compliment in months!

“You have kids?!!” my facial expert exclaimed.  “I thought you were young, like 21-ish!”

Real compliment or not, I embraced it and went on to reminisce and babble on and on about what my life in my early twenties was like-teaching, traveling, bright-eyed and full of dreams. (The poor girl had no idea what floodgates she was opening!)

And then I came home to blog about all the other places I toodled to today and how wonderful it was and I was about three sentences back downloading pics of some of my purchases when I got some news that blew me out of the water.

A student that I taught in my first year of teaching suddenly passed away.  He was a good kid, a talented kid and the type of kid that you want your kid to be when they go to school.  And ten-ish years later it made me happy to learn that he was still pursuing the fabulous things you would hope a kid like him would be doing.  Just a sad mis-chance and tonight  I’m hugging my own kids a little tighter and realizing time is precious.  It’s devastating where life takes you sometimes- I thought I’d be writing about something like this:

and something from my younger days came up with wrinkles even the best beauty products can’t fix.

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