Small Delightful Things

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julep blue nail polish

There are so many small and wonderful things in the world.  Right now I’m loving my teeny fingers and how fabulous they feel after my lovely manicure yesterday.  I opted for a fantastic blue color at Julep and I think they look quite nice.  After a couple rounds of dishes they are still holding up too!

Another great thing that is small and comes in ten that we’re loving right now are these drumsticks.

mini drumstick ice cream cones

Everyone loves getting their own ice cream cone and these ones are mini so I don’t worry that the boys are loading up on way too much junk.  They’re perfect for me too (unless I eat more than one…oops)

We also found some teeny wonderful things at Costco (the opposite of small and delightful) this weekend.  Brainberries are blueberries in little packs like McD’s apple dippers.  Yes, I could put blueberries in a ziplock but that would defeat the purpose of having these in my fridge and they’re perfect for eating on the go.  And mini pizzas are always something great to keep on hand, so when I found that Boboli makes a party pack I was delighted.  They are  perfect for making individual pizzas with the boys (or when we have spontaneous guests too!)

individual packed blueberries8 mni boboli pizzas in a party pack

Another small thing keeping us occupied this week are our bean and pea seeds.  We got this planter/mini greenhouse thing that pretty much incubated our plant babies and turned them into little sprouts.  Now they’re ginormous so   they’re no longer in our 71 degree kitchen and they’re getting accustomed to the harsh reality of the cold outside for when plant them in a few days.  I feel like I’m sending my little seedlings off to plant college.

planting seeds with kids

This set of babies also feels like they’re heading to college too quickly.  Here are my boys as babies.  Small. Adorable.  Delicious.  I wish sometimes we had a little time transporter for days I want to reminisce and stop time from passing by too fast.

baby yawning

early days with twins

baby in halo sleep sack with arms over his head

And today I took the boys to get one small delightful thing I’ve been reading about and wanted for myself.  I’ve been dying to find the Claudio Corallo chocolate shop (that is now called Marie and Freres) and when I saw we had 30 minutes left on our parking sticker after the Science Center today, I took that as a karmatic reason to go.  They have beautiful packaging and delicious chocolate and today I found out that they have macarons (The Bean’s favorite food in the world and apparently a recent NYT’s article described them as being the ‘most exquisite chocolate macaroons ever crafted.’  They are definitely macarons and they are certainly amazing.).  This one is waiting in our dining room and I hopefully have the willpower to share it tonight for dessert.  Let’s hope naps go well.

marie and freres in seattle

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