Cafe 222 (San Diego, California)

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A couple blocks away from the New Children’s Museum in San Diego is a lovely little cafe that my hubby went to without me (TWICE!) when he came to San Diego (sans double stroller and haggard baby-momma) one time on a conference.  Naturally I wanted to go to, so when we visited San Diego with the kids this was on our must-see places list.

It was definitely worth a visit.  I ordered the peanut butter banana french toast (yum!) while my hubby ordered a granola parfait (also yum).  The guys each had a kid’s pancake that came with a cute little fruit face (I think they worked out to something like a mere 2 or 3 dollars each!).  We sat outside and even though it was a little chilly out there were these awesome heaters above us that kept us tropical warm.

And the best part about the whole experience?  These awesome “keep your kid’s occupied packages.” 

I thought they were amazing because the crayons are triangular and didn’t roll off the table.  The coloring sheet had a sticky adhesive on the back that made it into a placemat that actually stayed put on the table.  And of course, I love when there’s a wipe included.  This made my day and if I ever go back to San Diego, with or without the kids, I definitely will eat here again.

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