A Double Bellevue Adventure


April 7, 2011 by admin

Every so often we get a brilliant idea and it’s so nice when we get to do this with double friends.  Today we started at the Bellevue Art and Frame for the Paint me a Story. We were a little late because I took a wrong turn (story of my life) but it is such a cool space and I totally want to go back.

I tried to get into the painting theme and had double thumbs done for this event.  I tried my new Sally Hansen Butterfly Nail Polish stick on things and they worked okay.  I did do them in a rush, and have extremely small nails so I think these press on things are actually quite good but I didn’t get more than my thumbs done before we had to leave.

They smell a little nailpolish-y. (I’m still partial to the non-chemically smelling Julep polish) and I’m not sure how long they take to dry.  They were a little sticky too so I went over them with a clear coat.  Do I love them? Yes! They make my fingers festive, and overall they work well.  I recommend them for a fun do-it yourself when your manicure chips.

As for my kids, and if they’re going to be Picassos-the only kid I could get to do the paint was the Bean and that was only for a split second.










While our friends were totally into it and I thought they were so adorable painting with their mom.

And we shopped while we painted and found out that the toy store is amazing.  I am still glowing because I got an awesome deal on this bath toy the kids have had their eyes on at two different toy stores.  When I brought it to the counter I found out it was only 4 dollars!  (Not the 15 I expected.)  I think it’s going to be a hit.  (Yes, I wrote part of this yesterday, and we tried the toy out last night and it WAS a hit!)

After playing, painting and terrorizing the store, we headed to the Bravern to try and go to Little Bookworms.  It was a little crowded and we were late, so we improvised and made our own tour of this fantastic outdoor mall.

I have no pics and will probably steal some from my friend for this space( I did and here they are).

She is an amazing  photographer and I love the photos she takes of her girls and my guys too!

We ate cupcakes. (for lunch.)










We pranced around the Bravern like we owned it.

And we had a fantastic day that we might just have to recreate in a couple weeks.  Bring on the sunshine.  Bring on summer!  We love days like this with friends!



  1. Mika says:

    Those pictures are adorable! The last couple look like magazine shots!

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