Potty Training M and M’s

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I’m still debating whether or not I should fork out for these M and M’s I want to make-the smallest quantity you can order is three bags and I’m not sure I need THAT many.  I’ve heard about using treats for potting training and then had this brilliant idea of using only brown and yellow ones….yes, it’s potty humor, but with two trying at the same time, I need something to laugh at for my own sanity.  I went on to the M and M site to order single colored bags and remembered you can custom print them too.  And that is how I learned it is offensive to write “pee” or “poo” on one of these candies.  I settled for a clipart toilet and two phrases: “yay for #1!” and “yay for #2!” and since you can’t print on dark brown, I chose gold and glittery gold.  We’ll see if I actually go through with this-I’m not sure it will fly with the hubby. Yes, it’s silly but I so bet some company will roll out their own potty training line after this:)

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