How Magical is UPS?

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Let’s see.  Somewhere at UPS headquarters someone coordinated a delivery

so that an important package with these spring necessities could get here











just in time for the sun to start shining brightly in Seattle.  No, I didn’t wear them to the zoo today, but the weather was fantastic enough that these boys could run around sans puffy coats and rainboots.  They even got a sneak peak at a new animal exhibit.


Yes, if you look closely it is a T-rex.

Apparently the zoo is bringing these dinosaurs back from extinction in a couple weeks for an exhibit that runs from April 30th till Labor Day. The guys are going to be thrilled when it opens.  And these dinos probably arrived by UPS too.  Me, I’d be elated if a brown box with this lovely purse

showed up on my porch.  Even in plain old sensible black. (PS. Friends and Family discount of 25% off using  FFSPR11 till April 9th. wink wink)

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