Getting ready for Easter

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I saw these lovely egg decorations on the Family Fun website and thought we would make them to decorate the house for Easter. Today was yet another crazy adventure with messed up naps, on and off rain and a stop that involved going to the craft store to get the yarn-the boys selected bright orange and bright yellow after I redirected them from mottled mixed color yarn and pea green.  I vaguely remembered making something like this craft in grade school but it wasn’t until about half-way through the project that my memory became clearer and I realized it was more like in grade 5 and not at age 2 .  Oops.

Here we are getting the glue ready.  You have to mix it with equal amounts of water.  We just eyeballed it.  And dropped it from the sky.  And dropped it from down low.  And mixed it with our fingers. The glue was a big hit.

We were also interested in checking out the belly buttons on our balloons thanks to this book that is one of my (and the toddlers) favorites for night time reading.

Soon there was string everywhere and someone sat in a glue bowl.

But our balloon seemed to repel string.  It was more fun to stick it everywhere but the balloon.  This is pretty much what we ended up with.  Our masterpiece.  It’s the process that counts, right?

Maybe another mama would have taken the leftover string and the leftover glue and fixed this creation herself. But this mama remembered she went to a new bakery today.  We’ll have to try again next year.

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