On our own

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The guys are so into doing this on their own right now.  I think they deserve credit for cleaning up today.  After making rice for lunch, I had them help me clean up the water they spilled.  Leelee asked for brooms so they could get up the rice bits too.  Here they are making a valiant effort:

They also were totally into making “Grandpa Mike’s” favorite sandwich for breakfast.  First you take peanut butter:

Cut up some bananas (Leelee did this on his on with the plastic knife!)

Or just eat the banana separately

Add some honey if you like it sweet.

Fold over and enjoy.

And with them becoming more independent, so am I.  I am very excited about this lovely package that came in the mail from far away.  Any guesses what it could be?  I’ll let you know more when I get started on my very first real mommy craft.

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