Kidimu Museum and Bainbridge Island (near Seattle, WA)

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Last week, my mom came to visit for a couple days. I told her that I would be braving the trip to Tacoma alone to see Sesame Street Live with the potential for a meltdown if she didn’t come (hint, hint, hint) and she took the bait.  She took me to see Ernie when I was about the boys age so this was a bit of a nostalgic mom and daughter trip and it was so sweet she could come and visit.  We started our adventures with the trip to Tacoma which we found is actually quite close to Seattle (surprise, surprise) and very cool.

And though it was fun to see Elmo and all our favorite Sesame Street guys in real life, the adventure of going to Tacoma was the highlight.  We had lunch at a Renaissance cafe and cupcakes from Hello, Cupcake.  I’d love to come back to see the Museum of Glass.  Here’s a pic we snapped from under a bridge near the coffee shop we had a smoothie at. 

After we mastered Tacoma we decided we were ready for bigger danger potential and more adventurous things.  We decided to take the boys on the ferry to Bainbridge Island.  I heard there are lots of coffee shops and there is a fairly new kids’ museum called the Kidimuseum there that I wanted to check out.  We managed to make it on the 8:45 sailing.  The Silver Bus came along and it cost $15.10 for the van and driver and $7.10 for my mom.  The kids are under 6 so there is no charge.

There is a lot of construction going on in the quaint little main area-it was a little difficult to get our bearings, but we used our gps and found the museum and a bakery that I’d heard was yummy.  I’ve heard you can be a foot passenger on the ferry, but with kids it’s so nice to just have a portable home base.  There are many free 3 hour parking spots so we just parked between the museum and the main walking area and went from there. At 9ish in the morning, I thought we’d just have coffee, but there was this cute little kids store that was already open and we hung out there for a little while.

Then we ventured to the Blackbird Bakery for some treats.  I also noticed a place called Fork and Spoon that looked intriguing and Mora Ice Cream which we definitely will have to visit next time.

The museum was a hit.  I was tempted to get a membership but I’m not sure how many trips to Bainbridge Island we’ll do in a year or if we’d always do the museum, so I thought we’ll just pay as we go.  The boys loved the working bank machine, the blue car you could sit in, and it was so empty the day we went it was like we had the whole museum to ourselves.  We left on the 12:20 ferry (The silver bus was the only thing that had to pay and it cost 15.10 again!) and ate lunch on the boat.  Next time I think I’ll grab a sandwich to go from one of the nice little shops along Winslow street, but it was fun to eat in the ferry cafeteria and the boys, my mom and I had such a memorable time.  (Thanks mom!  We will have to have more adventures soon).

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