Impromptu Splash

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If not for all the geese poo, Lake Union Park may become our favorite park ever.  Not only does it have water, bridges, boats, playground and a trolley station, it now has a brilliant water feature (which might also aid in geese poo cleanup I guess).  This morning it was not spray park weather but it was the nicest day we’ve had in a while, and I magically had a change of clothes in my bag. The boys were given a choice of riding the trolley or getting wet.  At first the trolley was the number one choice.  But then they were this close to the water feature.

And what kid can resist a good spray?

Naturally they were wearing ties.

And I had one shirt not two for them to change into.  Someone got the shirt off my back.  Thank goodness I was wearing a tank top underneath today.  I hope this sunny weather sticks around.  It is summer after all.

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