Make your own Uncrustables

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My toddlers love the Smuckers Uncrustables and they’re really great for when we eat on the go. I keep them in the freezer for days when I don’t have a lot of time.

But when I do, I prefer using my own bread, so I was really thrilled when my sister found me this panda crust cutter at Daiso. If I’m feeling really indulgent-I buy “shokupan” bread from the Fuji Bakery and these sandwiches are truly heavenly.

If you want your own crust-cutter,  I stopped in Williams-Sonoma and saw they now have  them too!  I think theirs are a little fancier than mine-this one will make ruffled edges.

They also have a heart-shaped one that would be so cute for Valentine’s day.

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