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A couple weeks ago we went to our last Sounders game of the year-it’s been a lot of fun going to the games and it’s so awesome seeing all the bright green gear around town on game days.  Our last game was quite cold, but the guys were thrilled because the stadium was giving out lunchboxes.

I don’t think they let the lunch boxes go the whole time..except to clap. The duo absolutely loves all the rituals that come with the game: the singing of the anthem, the chanting, the scarf-waving, the fireworks at goal time and the cheers.

So the games have been surprisingly kid-friendly and it’s neat to see how many families are at every game.  At half-time you find them out on the concourse watching the trains-it’s a little difficult to herd all the kids back to the stadium if a train comes at the wrong time.   We’ve had so much fun I can’t wait for next season, even if it seems like we sometimes only go to wear our soccer outfits and eat kettle corn.  Hopefully by next year, we’ll actually learn the soccer rules.

2 thoughts on “Sounders Style

  1. Now you have a Sounders’ Bento box. That’s so cool. The boys look so festive in their attire. Love the jackets and the hats, and of course, the headphones.

    Enjoy, boys!

  2. Not sure who’s having more fun- the mom in the background with her arms up in the air, or the boys with their arms up in the air.
    No matter-looks like a good time is being had by all.

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