Stuffington Bear Factory (phoenix, AZ)

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Our most recent trip to Phoenix was so relaxing and tropical-it was a far cry from our first ever Phoenix trip.  We originally went in December and the guys were nearly one and a half and getting into everything.  For some reason the week we went it was extremely cold.  Like, almost snow cold and we were expecting more of a warm and sunny visit.  So we ended up finding places like this Stuffington Bear Factory (pretty much the original Build a Bear-it’s been around since 1959) and we went on a factory tour.  The boys couldn’t stop hugging the ginormous animals and we were thankful that we found something for them to do.  We had fun, but it was definitely surreal being on vacation and finding ourselves, well, at a stuffed animal factory. It was one of those, yes, Oh my God we are parents kind of trips. (And if it’s freezing and you’re stuck with toddler twins in Phoenix it’s worth a visit. Have you ever been unprepared for the weather in a place that you’ve visited? How did you handle your trip?)


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