In case you were wondering what jet-lagged twin toddlers look like

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This is 2am on Saturday night.  We are making pancakes and waiting for the sun to rise.  This is after about 14 trips to the bathroom and me waving a white flag.

Two of us were thrilled.

One of us is hoping this potion really delivers miracles.

(Now is a great time if you want to submit an eye cream for an extremely eye-bagged subject to review…..)

PS. if you want to ward off this jet-leg problem with kids, here is a fantastic article I just found from a great local blogger Delicious Baby!  I love her PhotoFriday posts and I’m a big fan of her travel advice.  Wish I had seen this before you could jump into the puddles under my eyes.

One thought on “In case you were wondering what jet-lagged twin toddlers look like”

  1. Try the eye cream for a week. It doesn’t help you had Standard Time to deal with when you got back..maybe that was a blessing, too.

    I take it you didn’t get your extra hour of sleep.

    In a week, it’ll be back to normal………jet lag will just be another memory-another dream….

    Think of how long we, as adults, take to get over jet lag. It must be weird as a child.

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