A beauty Advent Calendar? Yes please!

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I recently bought this do it yourself advent calendar with hopes of creating something homemade for my house for Christmastime.  Unfortunately the company forgot to include the directions and I have been to lazy to do anything about it.  Sadly, this is how it will probably remain until next year.  (Don’t tell the hubby.)

A way better advent calendar that came to light to me today: A beauty calendar.

Of course it’s only available at Selfridges, across the pond in London, and it is currently sold out, but I will definitely hoard this little fact in the back of my brain till next year.  I wish Nordstroms here would make one! While I was digging around on the Selfridge website, I also found this adorable milk-free calendar

which  would be perfect if you need to find a calendar for little ones who can’t have dairy.

In our house I’m trying to cut down on the amount of sweets the guys (and I) get and these two calendars that I ordered from Toys R’us just came in the mail.

The boys are in love with Playmobil right now, and I think they are going to love them.  I just don’t know how I’m going to help two 3-year olds have self-restraint to only open one box a day and if I show the boxes to them before December, I think we’ll see massive tantrums.

And though I’m not ready to clear out my Thanksgiving decorations yet, I’m also really excited to hang up last year’s calendar too.  I have an unopened bag of felt that I thought I would use to make little ornaments to take out of the pockets and put on the tree.  (Good luck with this one too, eh?  Again, don’t tell the hubby.) Thank goodness I’m better with shopping than I am with crafts.

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