Naughty or Nice?

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If only these came in the boys’ size….

I got all festive after I took Trophy Cupcakes cupcake decorating class last night. It was such a fun night-we learned from the owner Jennifer, herself, and she is such a sweet and creative lady-I was totally in awe.  There was champagne and cupcakes to nibble on and I learned how to make these lovely cupcakes.  ME!

I’m especially proud of the Poinsettia one.  (If you get a chance to take these classes, I totally recommend it, they are AMAZING!  Check their facebook page for information-I’m hoping they have some Valentine’s ones in the New Year.)

So now I’m looking for Santa Pajamas for the boys.  I really love these ones from Hanna Anderson but they’re a little spendy.

(The bonus is that they do come in MY size too, but I am not really sure that’s a good thing for someone who does not want to be likened to a jolly old elf.)

And I might default to these ones from Kohls-they are a fantastic deal and the boys are in LOVE with all things Disneyland.

And someone I know might just get the beard.  Cause I can’t resist.  You better be nice!  Ha ha.

4 thoughts on “Naughty or Nice?

    1. I went cheap and went with the Mickey Mouse…with the rate my guys through clothes, 28 dollars for pajamas are too much-maybe they’ll go on clearance;)

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