If you give a toddler boy an Iphone…

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If you give a toddler boy an iphone

There are no words for this one.  I gave my toddler boy an iphone while I was busy doing an errand and needed him to be quiet so I let him do the draw anything screen.  Of course my phone comes back like this after a few minutes of silence and then a round of giggles from both him and his brother.  Please tell me your kids do this too!  Is there anything a toddler boy can actually do on a phone that is helpful?  I’d love to hear! (I’m wondering if this was an issue of two heads are better than one twin idea or if my guy came up with it all on his own too…..)

2 thoughts on “If you give a toddler boy an Iphone…

    1. It’s called “doodle” something….I’ll ask the hubby and get back to you;) They can stamp with different pens or pictures on the screen with their finger. Of course they chose the poo and car stamps.

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