Little Toy Trains. Part One.

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I have to admit right now I’m a little jealous of my friends with little girls.  I love the mom and daughter nails thing.  I dream about doing Disney Princess tea.  And when I heard in Daily Candy that my favorite local hairdo place Swink is doing Mom and Daughter hairdos I had a little tinge of envy thinking about how fun it would be to go and get fancy updos and go to the Nutcracker in sparkly matching outfits.  Maybe even a tutu. Or in these new shoes I bought and LOVE.

Instead, I am stuck watching trains.  Notice this is Part One.  There is more to come.  Maybe even part infinity.  I don’t if it’s in their blood, but for some reason little boys need trains like most regular people need air.

Here are the some of the trains we’ve been so fortunate to see in the past little while.


This one is a freebie.

It’s in one of the windows of the Macys downtown and it’s really cool to go and see this one at night, or dusk if your little guy goes to bed early.  If you bundle your little guys up they can stand nose to window for quite a long time without one little wiggle.  There were about ten boys pressed against the glass when we went and I’m sure if we grownups had all figured this out properly we could have taken turns getting coffee in peace and no one would have been the wiser.

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND TRAIN at the Bloedel Reserve:

Somehow we ended up on Bainbridge Island on the opening day of this “Holiday Village”.  The universe must have known that we needed to add a new train to the repertoire.  The nice thing about this train is that it’s indoors but you have to walk a little to get there and you can walk through the forest like a hike.  AND if you’re from Seattle you get the bonus of taking the ferry.

Little toy trains on Bainbridge Island with kids in the wintertime


I love this train because you can see it and then go to the Monorail (bring cash! It’s cash only!) or the Children’s Museum or the Science Center or just call it a day and go home.  If you line up (when we went, the lineup was about 10 kids long which roughly equals about twenty minutes of waiting) you can have a turn driving the train with the conductor for a small donation.  The boys loved pressing the buttons and were really proud of being able to STOP the train.

Little toy trains in Seattle at Christmas

And I think that’s enough trains for PART ONE.  I’m thinking that maybe we need conductor hats.  Or maybe SWINK could create the Mom and SON Eyelash and FAUX stubble application so I wouldn’t feel so left out.  I’d get the eyelashes and my boys could get fake little beards.  And then we’d go back to see the trains and I’d be okay with it.

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