Alright Hubby, here’s my wishlist:

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“Where’s your wishlist? ” the hubby asked me smugly after I made him watch the Glee Christmas Episode.

“Me?  I don’t have one. I have everything I need, “said the Good Wife.

Well, almost everything I need….

So Love, if you really want to know, this Christmas I’m just wishing for a little bit of snow-the weather has been hovering so close to freezing, I feel like we’ve had so many false alarms.  I’m ready for a big dump.  I’d love to build a snowman with the boys.

But if that doesn’t work out I’m happy with this warm and lovely blizzard in Pacific Place and then I can duck into all my favorite stores.  (It’s dependable too: 6pm every night!)

I’d even settle for a  snowstorm in a ball.

Or maybe a trip to Whistler, just you and me?  We could go skiing like those good old days? And maybe when we get back we can get some family pictures done.  I noticed when we were doing Christmas cards that we have so few this year-we must be having too much fun. Or, we could try out this I phone telephoto lens and just make a habit of taking more ourselves.

And if Adele does a tour, I’d love to get tickets to see her live.  Although we do get a lot of private concerts lately too….

But you know if we go to a real concert, I’m going to want some new dancing shoes.

Or fancy booties to go with my concert outfit.

But not this concert outfit though.  So maybe we better just stay home.

What about world peace?  Wouldn’t that be nice?  I could add that to my list too, if its not too much trouble.  Even a little whiff of it would be lovely.  And if not world peace, how about Bond Number 9 “the Scent of Peace“.  (I tried it at Nordstrom’s that day I made you go shopping with me…..) It does smell lovely.

But even that’s not as lovely as the two big smiles these two stinkers make.

So, no real wishes, hubby.  It’s been a great year.  I really do have everything I need.

Love Wife.

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