Snow Day

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After two days of waiting, we finally woke up to  enough snow outside that we could really call it a snow day.

We hung up our bird feeders

Made pumpkin seeds and pumpkin bread (our garden pumpkin has finally come full circle)

Baked amazing bread that we put to rest last night.  (This recipe does not require kneading, and you bake it in a dutch oven but there is quite a bit of wait time…..)

And just played in the snow.

We are all quite exhausted now and ready for summer weather.  Popsicles and bathing suits are definitely much easier.  We would love delivery hot chocolate.

2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. I got the no-knead recipe a couple of years ago from my work colleague but haven’t gotten round to trying it yet – sounds like it was a hit. We’ll definitely have to try it now! Hugs!

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