Come In Winter (when we get snow in Seattle)

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This morning we took a a page from the boy’s Owl Book where he welcomes in Winter and brought the snow inside to play because this was one of those rare mornings where we woke up to snow in Seattle.

It was almost as messy as the snow disaster in the Owl book we read, but it was so much fun and the playmobile animals and toy Santa had a blast too.  The kids even built a snowman indoors.

Now I’m not sure if you want to use the food coloring though or do this in bare feet or without mittens like we did.  I cranked up the heat and it was a lot dryer and warmer than if we went outside.  Adding food coloring to the snow made it fun but it also made things REALLY messy. And the problem with snow when you bring it indoors is that inevitably it melts.

So after all that bringing the snow inside, we ended up heading outside anyways.  Snow is so rare in Seattle that  you can’t stay at home inside on a snowy day when you’re three years old even if your mom wants to curl up in a corner and sip hot chocolate all day.

I had to sneak in some pics from yesterday too because it is too difficult to snap pics when it’s snowing and there is only one grown up. Yesterday the hubby got home in time to help with sledding down our big hill so I got a lot more.

I only screamed at them all a few times when I thought we were going too fast.  I do not like things remotely ‘unsafe’ or ‘uncontrolled’.

And we built a snowman.  “Let’s call him Frosty!” said the Bean.

The hubby even managed to find an organic carrot for his nose.

What a perfect name for our snow friend.

I’m not a big fan of cold, snow, getting wet or the outdoors.  But who could resist these smiles?

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