National Children’s Castle-Kodomo no Shiro (Tokyo Japan)

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I read about the National Children’s Castle in this book about Kid’s Trips in Tokyo, (a little-bit outdated guide from 1996 but useful nonetheless) and it sounded very cool, kind of like the kids’ museums we have in Seattle.

Don’t mistake it for the Tokyo Metropolitan  Children’s Hall.  That one is currently closed until at least March 2012 because of earthquake damage.

I also don’t remember what we paid to get in.  I remember it was in cash only no credit cards.  It was probably under 5 dollars US.  And it was incredibly difficult finding a bank machine in Japan that we could use.  (Next time, we will buy yen before we go.)

This place was incredible.  There were multiple floors where kids could climb on indoor playground equipment.

There was a toddler area and a kitchen area too.  But the kids were most interested in this music area.

They also liked the outdoor toys.

It was neat watching the boys play with other children at the National Children’s Castle and watching them try out their Japanese.  I hope they will still be able to play here the next time we go to Tokyo-it looked like this place would be suitable for kids up to around 8 years old.  Fingers crossed we’ll be back before then.

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11 thoughts on “National Children’s Castle-Kodomo no Shiro (Tokyo Japan)

    1. I was a little scared I was going to lose the guys on the playground, but it was pretty contained and they loved a chance to just climb.

  1. This looks like a wonderful place for kids for playing and learning. That music area and outdoor play area look awesome. It’s too bad we missed this during our Tokyo trip. What a great way to interact with the local kids.

    1. It was really neat: actually it was outside and you had to go up ramps to get to the tricycle level. I wish I understood more Japanese, but the kids had a blast.

  2. That looks like paradise for kids! My big boy would have tried to climb on everything. I also like that there is something for everyone.

    It reminds me of an Adventure Park for kids and adults in Guatemala City called XPark.

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