The best part of vacation

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Cupcakes in bed when the duo goes to sleep.

I admit I reluctantly shared this delightful cupcake I picked up in Fashion Island( my favorite outdoor mall ever!).  It was pretty yummy and looked a whole lot better before it was decimated.  And though it might not be the absolute best part of vacation (I do love travel, seeing sites and watching the boys take it all in) the hubby and I have made a habit of picking up little desserts while we go on vacation so we get a little flavor of the places we visit and something to look forward to when the duo is super rambunctious and trying to sleep in a new place.  It’s a sanity savor, maybe more for the hubby than me so we don’t have to drag the whole brood into whatever dessert shop I’ve read about and want to try.  Top it off with a good book and the trip is perfect.

Do you have something you look forward to on vacation too?

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