Pepper painting and the saddest attempt at macarons

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Some days are meant for lying around, reading books, painting and baking-especially a grey day after a week of sunshine.

I thought we would make cheery pepper flower paintings.  I saw something similar in a recent Family Fun issue using celery, and thought they were amazing. Peppers make more of a peony shape.

They boys were more interested in making their own version of modern art than playing around with vegetables today.

We carried the blotchy pink theme on in our baking.  The boys love macarons and often enjoy sampling them on our travels.  Their favorites in Seattle come from Honore Artisan Bakery in Ballard and Le Panier in the Market.  I think I also need to take them to Cafe de Lion in Queen Anne for macarons too-they post them on Facebook and they look amazing.  Here the Bean is munching on a lovely pink one from  The Little Woman in Newport Beach-I didn’t get to try it so it must have been yummy.

Anyways, macarons are not as easy as they look.  Here is our horrendous attempt at a Martha recipe.  I knew we had massacred the recipe when we got to the folding stage and it looked like we made cookie dough-I didn’t need to pipe, I could have rolled them in my hands.  (I wasn’t watching closely enough as the boys measured the icing sugar and I think someone got in an extra dump…..oops!)  At least they tasted okay.  We didn’t bother filling them.  This recipe was too advanced and we were moving on to playing volleyball.

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