Crafty little things

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Today I got a little overly-crafty.  I thought we’d make a little tray of bento cucumber “Frogs in Love” for a playdate today as the Bean adores frogs.  But it got to be a little much.  I got as far as cutting out the frog shapes and cheese eyes and then realized I still needed to cut out olive eyeballs and mouths… kids really like olives anyways?  I wasn’t sure.  So I called it a day and served them as is with little orange cheese hearts for the “love” part.

At least it’s better than my first attempt.

We also tried a recipe from a blog I love ( for making your own conversation hearts.

These were brilliantly easy.*

The boys loved rolling them out and making the heart shapes.

They would also make great cake decorations.  Or individual cupcake/place holders.

For me for breakfast?  Yes, please!

* for most people.  We managed to dump a fair amount of icing sugar on the floor.  And I think the boys inhaled enough icing sugar in the air that they were off the wall for the rest of the afternoon. Sorry witnesses. Next time I will just make the dough myself and let them do the the rolling and cutting part.  I can see us making this recipe again.

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