First Loves

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A couple weeks ago, we stopped by my alma mater to watch my brother-in-law’s cousin play a volleyball game. We stopped by the Eatery for some takeout food first so we could have dinner and the game at the same time.  While I gorged and reminisced about my college days, the boys could barely eat they were so mesmerized.

They loved cheering.

And playing with T-bird. (At one point they told T-bird to stop playing and pay attention to the game….they are volleyball fiends I guess.)

More T-bird.

And visiting with a star.

Since the game, they’ve been Kyla and T-bird every day making volleyball nets with my furniture and playing everywhere they can. At least they haven’t broken anything yet.  It’s pretty amazing the impact a good role model makes.  Thank you Kyla and T-bird, you have provided endless entertainment in this house!

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