One of those days you just need to hop on a bus (Norhtwest Trek)

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Last night I promised the kids I would take them on a bus ride today and then this morning the weather was yucky and with the unpredictability of public transit to somewhere we could drive to in our own “silver bus” seeming unfathomable and scary, I tried to backtrack on my promise.  I found and sold them on a “nature bus” which was actually a tram at the Northwest Trek.  And then we all decided (me and the two 3-year old boys) that an hour and a half drive to Eatonville to ride it was somehow a fantastic idea.  (Logic in the morning does not exist.  I don’t know why I thought this would be easier than taking the bus.)

The fantastic idea was starting to seem not so fantastic when I pulled into a Starbucks for snacks halfway there and found that I had no wallet.  But I had one credit card that I neglected to put back in it’s rightful place.  (See disorganization always wins!!!)

And thankfully today was the first day that the Northwest Trek was open after a period of being closed due to storm damage.  I had no idea.  And thankfully they took credit cards. (Just not American Express, FYI)

We wandered around while we waited for our 12pm tram tour.  We noshed on sandwiches that I actually packed myself.

And we saw a few animals.  We also had a pee emergency and found out that the only real restroom in the place is located near the entrance.

I was a little scared someone would have to go while we rode the 55 minute tram.  But we stayed dry.  And it didn’t rain.  So we were lucky enough to see a moose really close up and some mountain goats too.

And it was so neat to see how much the boys took in from their surroundings.  This keeper explained to them that she wore thick gloves so the owl’s talons didn’t hurt her hands, and the boys repeated this fact to me when they got home.

And they also took their artwork seriously in the little discovery center.

So I only cursed a few times in my head when we got stuck in major traffic on the way home.  At least one boy was asleep.  And it was a fun day.  And I could always turn into a mall parking lot.  (Thank goodness for the silver bus.  And my credit card.  And there are a ton of places to shop in between Seattle and Eatonville, just so you know)

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