Is it this time? Teaching time with kids

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The guys are trying to figure out the concept of days, nights and time.  They’re always asking me “Is it this time?”  which means are we doing something today?  And the magic amount of minutes for doing something they like is 8.  “We want 8 more minutes!” they yell at me if they are playing with their Legos and I have to set King Frog for whatever amount of minutes I feel like. But that will only fool them for so long.  We are trying to orchestrate some real  “time management” learning now, so I had to buy a couple cool new toys.  (Yippee for shopping!)
I really hope this calendar helps with teaching time with kids.

I noticed that the pieces go to 2015.  Will we actually have all the pieces in 2015?  I’m not sure.  But right now, we’ve managed to keep them a couple days, and we’ve had some great conversations about days and weeks.  The cute little pictures help the boys guess what the writing might say and they are currently obsessed about the doctor magnet.  I think you can write on it like a whiteboard too.

We also put this clock in their room.

I know people have used it for managing kids that wake up early.   We haven’t figured out that function yet, but I like it because if they press one of the buttons a voice tells them what time it is.  Hopefully these little gadgets will help us learn about time because teaching time to kids is really difficult.  At least these products make us look like we’re trying.  (And that’s good enough for me.)

(PS. The wooden calendar above we kept until 2017.  We even had to add dates to make sure we could still use it and the kids really loved it.  The clock wasn’t our favorite but I think it helped them learn to see time in two different ways.)

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    1. I debated putting it up high where the duo couldn’t get at the pieces but then they couldn’t see it. We’ll see how long we can keep them all;) Hope you’re doing well:)

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