Airplane Cucumber Puzzle snacks

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Last week there was a minor meltdown in Metropolitan Market and I ended up on the losing end with an airplane cookie cutter as a souvenir. So I decided to make good use of this when I only had a cucumber for snack the other day. It sounds so much cooler saying “Do you want an Airplane Puzzle Snack?” then “Do you want some cucumber?”

Once I got them curious, I was committed, and I soon realized this was a dumb idea.  I had to cut all the round cucumbers into squares to make this work and it took way too many pieces to make the shape.  AND, this “puzzle” would be way to complicated for a 3-year old.










But thankfully they looked like airplanes when they were finished.










And the guys devoured their snacks even though they were a little seedy too.











There are many better ways to serve cucumbers as snacks, so I probably won’t be doing this again.  At least it was Boys: 0 and Vegetables:1 in this showdown.  (and that means I won this time.  You take what you can get, right?)

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    1. Thanks Monique-it was a matter of do or die really, I told the guys I would do it before I realized how much work it would be for one snack;) I didn’t want tears.

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