You win some, you lose some. (Weather in Oahua in March)

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Maybe we jinxed ourselves when we disregarded the weather forecast and left our rain-gear at home for the first time on a trip with our kids.  We thought it doesn’t rain in Hawaii like it does in Seattle but then suddenly the headline below is what we ended up with-and it is not fun to gamble and lose with Mother Nature and weather that’s for sure. Have you ever been unprepared for the weather you were traveling in?

Thanks to a few sweet tropical moments our vacation was still fun but this was the wettest vacation we have ever planned to Hawaii.  We didn’t even get to do a whole lot of beach on this trip and we certainly had to explore a lot more indoors.  I think we need to remember this the next time we plan a vacation to Oahu in March or we just need to make sure we’re more prepared for unplanned weather.  However, I think we’ve been here a bunch of times at this time of year without it being like this.  Maybe weather planning is just unpredictable nowadays….

I’ll tell you more when I recover from the past 24 hours of travel.  We found out unexpectedly that last night’s flight home had been postponed till 3 in the morning.  Let me just tell you that it is not fun being at the airport all night long with two young kids-even if they’re pretty cute, but you probably know that already too.  Have you ever had an unexpected travel situation like this? Have you ever been unprepared for weather AND for travel delays?  And if you were stuck at an airport late night what airport would you like this to be at?

(PS. At least we did not lose our luggage on this trip! Now that would be a total trip disaster!)

2 thoughts on “You win some, you lose some. (Weather in Oahua in March)

  1. Still the happiest place on earth – despite inclement weather.

    I love the lauhala head bands. Did you make the fish to go with the headbands?

    So much fun!

  2. We’ve been there during a hurricane watch. Michael always found March to be cold in the water.

    Even if it rains, it’s usually beautiful when it lets up. Tell me it let up for you.

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