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My guys are in love with this Hawaiian band called Manoa DNA.  They are a band made up of a dad and two sons and we saw them play last year at our hotel the Outrigger Reef in Waikiki, Oahu. The guys (especially Leelee) adore their ‘fast songs’ and the train songs that are on the Dole Pineapple train and we use it as our “Hawaii Soundtrack” as we drive around the island.  Their sound is very Hawaiian and I love that the songs give such a sense of place.

Riding the Dole PIneapple train and listening to Manoa DNA the band

On our most recent trip, we found out that Manoa DNA were playing at the Kani Ka Pila Grille at the hotel on our last night in Hawaii, so we grabbed a table, had a lovely dinner and the guys were thrilled to see “their band.”  (We also had the sweetest waitress and I think she was our waitress last year too!  It was the nicest way to celebrate our last night on the island.)

Watching Manoa DNA play

A bonus?  At the break we snapped this picture of my guys and their heroes,

and the guys couldn’t stop talking about it all the way to the airport.  It’s nice that they remember this group and I love that we have a Manoa DNA Hawaii theme CD for the islands that brings back so many fond memories.  Now that we’re home the guys love dressing up in their toy musical instruments and pretending they’re the band as they belt out tunes from the CD we bought.  This kind of souvenir is the best kind of souvenir to me because it’s the kind that can make more memories long after we have had our trip.  Do you have a favorite music moment from a trip you have taken?  Or have you visited a place because of a band that was playing there.  And if you have been to the Hawaiian Islands have you heard of the band Manoa DNA?

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  1. 3.1415- Lauren says wait until March 14, 2015. That will be a great day, too. Glad to see you celebrate pi(e) day, too.

    I haven’t heard the band. We’ll have to go just to hear them play.

    I love the way, the boys are learning the shaka sign (hang loose, bro)….so love the islands.

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