Fave Subscription Box Ever: I heart Birchbox

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If you know me, you know there is a stream of boxes constantly arriving at my house.  I love shopping and I love buying things online and having them arrive a couple days later and getting all excited about my purchase again.  (This never would have happened had my husband not introduced me to email and online shopping so many years ago when I was anti-all things internet.  I digress, but I needed to clarify where and why this shopping habit started, so all parties involved know. It was you hubby, thank you very much.)

The difference between Birchbox and the other stuff I buy is that I have no idea what’s inside until it arrives.  It’s like this little makeup goody-bag that arrives at my door monthly. This month it included Tarte lip Stain, Essie glittery nail polish, a 10 dollar coupon to Modcloth (it’s like they could read my mind-I adore Modcloth! The coupon code is modprom and it’s good for 10 dollars of 75 until 4/15), a twistband hairtie, a perfume sample and a little sample of Peter Thomas Roth max anti-shine gel.

Now, I haven’t tried any of these things, they just arrived today, but we also got plentiful samples of Peter Thomas Roth bath products at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and the shampoo is on my current want list.  (A note to hotels to please always use yummy bath products in your rooms.)  So I am very excited about this month’s box.

(And PS, I wasn’t paid or given anything to write this post. Good services deserve good credit, and this one is currently fantastic. )

(PPS. An update.  As of 2017 I don’t subscribe to Birchbox anymore but I still love their service.  I just have way too much makeup/hair products/stuff to have a monthly box even though I did love the surprise of it all.  If you are using Birchbox or another makeup subscription I’d love to hear-it might be nice to try again for the new year even if it’s just a limited subscription.  Thanks!)

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