Marshmallows make everything better

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Ever since I saw this yummy marshmallow delight

in a Williams-Sonoma catalog, I’ve been craving chocolate covered grahams and marshmallows in a bunny shape.

And tonight was one of those nights when I needed to get what I want.

Because somewhere in between the boys bopping each other and having an epic tantrum, someone used a trump card.

“I ate my coin!”

Did I mention this happened while we were driving?

The world came to a halt and I managed to stop, pull over, miss the biker and extract the coin (where did the coin come from anyways?) and we all drove home in silence.

So I needed this and I needed it  TONIGHT.  But alas I was out of marshmallows.  And grahams.  So like any rational person after going to battle, I decided to add to the mess in my kitchen and make them.

The marshmallows were surprisingly easy. But I ran out of time for the graham crackers.  And exhaustion set in and I was no longer worn out from the kids but from myself. Thank goodness I had chocolate so I could alternate marshmallow and chocolate bites while catching up on America’s Next Top Model.

And homemade marshmallows look cute in ‘peep’ shape too.

So here’s your lifeline if you’re ever in need-it’s an easy recipe for marshmallows that if I can follow you can too.   I forgot the salt, guessed on the timing, added vanilla in the wrong spot and this recipe still turned out.  And it was the something today that healed to this crazed/worn-down/marshmallow-needing momma.  Tomorrow is a new day.  And tomorrow is starting out pretty sweetly already.

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