Me and Ed’s Pizza (Coquitlam, BC)

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I don’t know why all the best kid-friendly places seem to be pizza places, but this is one I remember fondly from when I was a kid and it’s really neat that my guys totally love it too.  The pizza at Me and Ed’s is crispy California style-and the best part is that the kids can go up to the window to watch.  There are mini kids pizzas on the kids’ menu here too.

If you ask the kids, they love going for the lollipop at the end which used to be my favorite part as well.

(PS you might never think to come to Coquitlam, but it has an amazing public pool that opens up at 6am which is perfect if you have early risers like ours.  A trip to Vancouver with a stop in Coquitlam may end up being a better deal with better food than a trip to Great Wolf Lodge for about the same amount of time.  In the area, we also love White Spot, Boston Pizza and My Greek Taverna)

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